Version 0.0.4a released

The main focus of this new version is a big change on how ore is collected. Until now you would build mines close to a mountain and miners would dig through it to retrieve ore. Now mountain tiles are walkable (but it's slow to do so) and mines have to be built on top of the ore. Ore's location is hidden until you send a Prospector to survey the ground.

As usual, if you have a bug to report or a suggestion to make, please do so here.

Here's the full changelog:


  • New monsters
  • Prospector and Prospector's Hut: a Prospector will survey the mountains and discover Ore or mark with a 'x' if nothing found


  • Looking cursor: <l> will bring up a cursor that will describe everything under it

  • When two units are fighting, the amount of HP lost is indicated over them for a short while
  • Rain
  • Resources stat screen
  • When placing a building, the UI will hide if you move the cursor under it
  • x2 version of each font


  • Miners no longer dig through walls to get Ore: now mountains can be walked on (with some effort), mines must be built on top of the ore to be mined
  • The game will no longer pause itself unless player hits <space>
  • Town Hall has now less HP and less inventory space
  • Town Hall will more often spawn close to a mountain
  • Unpayed guards will miss their attack more often


  • Fixed an issue where two musics where playing at the same time or every sound were doubled
  • Fixed an issue where if a peasant found himself in unconquered territory it would not move again
  • No longer allow user to set work area and other workshop specific actions if the building is not fully constructed
  • Fixed an issue where peasant were considered Idle in the population menu when they were not
  • Fixed an issue where a peasant with no inventory space left would still pick up a transport job
  • Fixed an issue where peasant would drop resources on the ground but still have them in their inventory


Settlers of the Deep - Linux x86-64 44 MB
Version 0.0.4a Feb 02, 2019
Settlers of the Deep - Windows 64bits 44 MB
Version 0.0.4a Feb 02, 2019
Settlers of the Deep - Windows 32bits 44 MB
Version 0.0.4a Feb 02, 2019
Settlers of the Deep - macOS 46 MB
Version 0.0.4a Feb 02, 2019

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Its a nice little game, I would ask would it be possible to have the window size based on resolution and not font scaling?

I’m considering/experimenting with it. Don’t expect it until several releases though.