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you know, I have always struggled with dwarf fortress, sometimes I'm just too tired for all that, this stuff is really good to play with a cup of coffy, between all the nature sounds and the chill guitars it's a real treat. GJ :D

unplayable at normal resolutions. The font is squished on windows10 so its almost unreadable, and the pixel size is absurdly small. Desperately needs a resolution selector.

if you change the font type you can change the resolution, some fonts are bigger and others have a -2x, pick those ones

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I really like the idea and the game as itself its intersting and fun. I stumbled over two bugs while playing: 1. I couldnt deconstruct any buildings what made it really difficult and 2. I couldnt build mines anywehere. I would love to play again after that is fixed

I can't destroy the buildings either but for mines you have to put them inside the mountains (grey blocks).

I can't seem to build any mines anywhere, it always shows as red...i tried directly on top of my ore source and a clearing near the ore, but it won't let me build it, even though I have the materials needed. Help much appreciated.

Do we have some news or update? :)

There's this strange file in the game called "lovec.exe" anybody knows what's this about?

"lovec.exe" is simply one of the executable files associated with LÖVE, the game engine that this game is made with. It makes running the game on Windows easier.

lol that's cool

I like the game, but without destroying buildings is a quite hard game :).

Also I have found that this is a clone of Settlers III or IV (Blue Byte) from 1998. Do you know that games?


Yes Settlers is a direct inspiration for this game.

I thought it was df, or was it?

how do you destroy a building? i have pressed D to issue the command but it doesn't work. i'm on a macbook air on the Mojave update.

It’s a bug. Unfortunately it won’t be fixed for some time since I’m in the process of rewriting the whole game.

ok, thank you for the fast response.


Some kind of tutorial would help.  I have wanted to play a game like this for a while, Dwarf Fortress is way too complex for me.  This game seemed like a simpler version of Dwarf Fortress, but I can't seem to figure out what to do...


F1 will display some helpful advices

Thanks!  I want to try it again soon.  

resolution settings are lacking. I understand that the font resizes it but it's still small. Clicked on stock and the game crashed.


Seems good, but why is the window so small in Linux, i can't see anything. 

Does not work on windows 10 x64

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Do the people not eat? I'm hoarding over 150 fish and didn't realize. Haven't seen an upcoming updates section so I'm unsure if that's what you'll be working on for the next update.

PS: Love the game, keep up the great work.

Edit: Just noticed the feedback section. Call me blind because I may very well be.


How do I get to full screen? The window is so small I cant actually see anything.


you have to change the font to increase the size

Is this game still being worked on?

The game won't let me change the font, when I do so, the game's text turns into incomprehensible symbols (Playing on mac)

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Not running on my computer, as far as i can tell it has something to do with windows update 1809. Could you update it to fix it?

I'm having a bit of an issue clearing out old buildings and cancelling constructions. Does "D" not actually work, or am I missing something?

Really enjoying the ambiance and aesthetic :)


Yes it’s ‘d’. The ruins will disappear some time after your peasants picked up its remaining resources. But they maybe are occupied otherwise. Check the population tab to see how many are idle.

There's actually a bug: pressing d is not working. Will be fixed in next version.

Can you pleeease consider compiling it for Raspberry Pi 3 ? : )


Is there any way to maximize the screen? I wouldn't even mind if it was a bit of a hack to make work.

Could always lower your screens resolution :P

Hi, I was wondering if there is a chance of this game coming to android? he seems to be cool

I love this! Great music too. By my 3rd game I got a decent production line happening. I did get stuck with 0 stone and planks early on; might be nice to have a stone equivalent (doesn't require further processing) to wood for basic structures. Also numpad movement would go a long way! And F1 or clicking Help crashes on my Mac. Keeping a close eye on this!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into those crashes.

I put font in the save /assets/fonts directory, and the game crashe when i use options to change font.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you file an issue  here ?

The window is too small. It's unplayable on my syste

You can pick a larger font in the settings menu

Ohh I see. So sinse the game is font based, larger font makes everything larger? That's neat. Fullscreen option is still needed though

the window is so small. Cannot change it at all. Can't see what's going on


You can pick a larger font in the option menu.

Nice starting point. Hope it will be expanded!

why is there no fullscreen?